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Inflatables Area
Fun Day
June 6, 2023

It's that time of year again. Our kids FAVORITE time.... FUN DAY! See volunteer opportunities below.

If you haven't experienced a Greenfield School Fun Day before, you are in for a treat!  It is an entire day of FUN.  Middle School kids will be heading to a park and pool for a whole day of hanging with friends, bbq, and games.  K-5 will be staying at school for a huge festival of fun. 

And this is where YOU come in!  If you have a K-5 student, we need your HELP. To put on our event we will need tons of donations and volunteers, anything you can spare would be amazing!

How Fun Day works for K-5 is the kids get to travel around 5 different "Zones" with their entire class for 1 hour. (Note, First grade is split in half.  One class will go around Fun Day with Kindergarten, the other with Second Grade)

What are the Zones?
Zone 1: Land of Inflatables- Back Half of the Field:  Inflatable Obstacle Course, Inflatable Slide, Beach Ball Volley ball, + other fun toys
Zone 2: Back Yard Fun- Front Half of Field: K-2 Obstacle Course, Lawn Games, Double Dutch Jump Rope, + Water Relay Games 
Zone 3: Arts and Crafts/ Dance Party- Front Half of Parking Lot/ Auditorium: One class will be Bubble Painting, Marble Painting, Clay, Bracelet Making, Paper Airplanes for 30 min while the other class is having a 30 min Dance Party with ESTEEM group
Zone 4: Imagination Station/ Kona- Back Half of Parking Lot: Building Your Own....Mini Golf Course, Hot Wheels Track, Box Fort, Lego Creation, Sand Castle; or play games with friends. Kids will enjoy their Kona Ice Treat during this time too.
Zone 5: Snack and Break: Kids grab snacks and head back to their class to have a break.

Note: at anytime kids need a break, we will have a book station set up in the Pre-K Garden that they can take a break. 

What do we need from YOU?
1. Volunteers- We need help setting up and cleaning up (you do not need your clearances for this).  Plus we need LOTs volunteers to man all the zones above (you do need your clearances for this). 
2. Donations- We need things to borrow like Tents, Tables, Lawn Games.  We need donations like snacks, crafts, and more.  If you don't have time to shop, we can always use monetary donations via Pay Pal. (please put a note if you do a Pay Pal donation that its for Fun Day)

Click on the links above for more details.

We can't wait for all the Fun!

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