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Snowflake Shop

Thursday, December 8 and Friday, December 9
School Library

The Snowflake Shop is a chance for students to purchase gifts for family, friends, teachers, etc. All items will cost $2 and every student will have a chance to shop at the store. Scroll down to learn more. 

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Snowflake Shop Details and Voucher Purchases 

Students have the option to purchase vouchers online for use in the Snowflake Shop. Each Snowflake Shop Voucher costs $2.00 and is good for one item in the Snowflake Shop. This is particularly helpful if you would prefer your child not bring cash or check to school.  Your child will receive their Snowflake Shop Vouchers in school on Thursday December 8th.  Please purchase all your Snowflake Shop Vouchers by Monday December 5th.  Use the online store below and please complete a different order for each child. All online payments must be made through PayPal. (For example, if you have two children shopping and you'd like them each to buy five items, you would complete two purchases of five vouchers, totaling $10 each purchase.)


We've also set aside vouchers for students who are unable to pre-purchase a voucher or bring cash or check to the sale. You have the option of confidentially requesting assistance through the vouchers. Use the online store below and select "Request Free Voucher." Please complete a different order for each child. 


Items can also be purchased on the shopping day with cash or a check written out to Greenfield PTO. Students must bring these funds with them the day of their shopping. It is also helpful for students to bring a shopping list to keep them on track (for example: 1 gift for Grandma, 2 gifts for brother, 1 gift for friend, etc.)


We would love donations of wrapping supplies and also monetary donations to our Snowflake Shop Fund. This is so that all of the students can purchase a gift for someone, even if they are unable to bring in money from home.  We also will need volunteers to help, so please sign-up if you can. If you'd like to donate funds, please do so here and indicate "Snowflake Shop Fund" in the memo. Contact with any questions.

Snowflake Shop Online Voucher Store - CLOSED

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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