Sarris Spring Fundraiser

Spring Candy Fundraiser

  • Record your sales on the Sarris brochure.  Brochures will be handed out at school to take home. Keep the brochure to reference when making your deliveries.

  • Transfer your sales to the master sheet.  Make sure that a parent or guardian completes the top of the form, including the student’s name, school, home phone, and home room!

  • Return both the white and yellow copies of the completed master sheet with cash, check, or money order made out to “Greenfield School PTO” on or before Tuesday March 14th.  Checks cannot be made payable to Sarris – we will need to ask you for a replacement check if this occurs. We write one final check to Sarris. (Please note that if your check is returned by the bank, you will not receive your order until payment has been made along with a $30.00 fee – this is what the bank charges us for a returned check.)

  • Candy pickup is scheduled for Thursday April 7th starting at dismissal and going until 7 pm that evening. If you will NOT be able to pick up your order at this time, please go to the office and they will assist you.     

Orders can also be made online!! It is very easy, just use group ID: 10-0635


Please be safe when attempting any fundraising effort!