Zroni Roll Fundraiser

Support the PTO with a "Locally Owned and Operated" Zroni Roll Fundraiser! The PTO receives $5.00 Profit for each $15.00 Zroni Roll sold!​

  • Fresh/Hand Made/Frozen/Ready to Bake

  • Delivered "Distribution Ready" and Hassle Free

  • Convenient and easy to sell!

  • Feeds Approximately 3-4 People

How to Fundraise


  • Please use this form for sales.

  • The deadline is Wednesday, February 16th. Please return the form and checks to your child's homeroom teacher. (Parents may want to have their supporters pay them via Venmo. The PTO does not have a Venmo account, but parents may gather payments through their personal accounts and submit one final check to the PTO.)

  • Delivery date is March 4th.

  • Your form will be returned with your order.