Our Second Annual Move-A-Thon will take place November 8 - 20, 2021.

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To participate, simply log your minutes weekly with this form or email the PTO.


Aim for 60 minutes of moving a day. Your minutes do not need to be all one activity or all in one stretch.

For example, your day may look like this: 10 minute walk to school + 15 minute recess + 5 minute dance party + 10 minute walk home + 20 minute playing ball = 60 minutes for the day

Submit your minutes to the PTO by Nov 21st to be counted for prize eligibility.

The grade that records the most minutes in the two weeks wins a prize for each student in the grade. The Top Mover of each grade tier (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) wins a $40 gift card to Dragon's Den.


Our logs have daily movement inspirations on them, but you can do any movement to earn those minutes.  

Middle School Activity Log (pdf) >>

Elementary School Activity Log (pdf) >>


We will celebrate the end of the Move-a-thon with the Turkey Trot  on Nov 20th.