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Keep Kids Safe on Greenfield Ave: Sign the Petition

Speeding cars and a lack of pedestrian safety infrastructure - including no school safety zone - have made it dangerous for kids to cross Greenfield Ave. Many Greenfield School students walk to and from school, as well as to after-school programs and activities at Magee Rec. Center. The ongoing Anderson Bridge closure has brought a higher volume of traffic onto Greenfield Ave, and parents/caretakers have become concerned about their kids' safety.

The PTO has partnered with the Greenfield Community Association to petition the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI). We are asking them to reinstate the school safety zone and to prioritize traffic calming interventions at the McCaslin, Ronald, and Kaercher St. intersections, as well as between Kaercher and Irvine.

Our petition currently has over 300 signatures from concerned community members. If you are part of the Greenfield School Community or a Greenfield resident, please sign! We'll be submitting our petition on August 18.

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